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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Update 2012

It has been a whole year since I updated this blog. Why did I stop? I suppose it's because it's difficult to feel motivated when you don't receive any comments. Besides I don't even know what I use this blog for anymore.

I used to do the odd review or post an update on my current project but I usually just post on my regular forums now since I get replies there.

Regardless I look back at why I created it in the first place and I remember someone saying how employers like to see you post the stages of your work to show how you constructed it.

So I've decided to post my current project right now. Basically I worked at Beatnik Games for a short while but I had to leave once my time there was up and then I came across a post on Polycount by chance. It was about a level designer looking for an artist to detail his Counter Strike Source level.

Having used Source for a long time I decided to offer my help. Back then I thought I was just going to make a few models and stuff but funny how things change. At the same time I was currently working on a secret project that I kept hidden from everyone but my close family for half a year. The project was a 3D recreation of a famous scene in a 2D game called Chrono Trigger. I originally aimed to get it posted on news websites and my hard work paid off because the video was posted on Kotaku. In the end it received 60,000 views in a matter of days so I'd call that a success.

Here's the video for those that are curious. I don't think I can explain it but those who have played the original Chrono Trigger will probably have a soft spot for this video.

Back to my current project I finished Project Zeal (above) and then spent my full time working on the Counter Strike level. It turns out what started as a simple art job developed into a full time level designer / environmental art / tester / lighter role. I haven't counted the days but I'm pretty sure I've spent at least 4 months on this and I'm getting real close to finishing it.

I hope it gets me a job because I need one. So far the feedback has been positive so who knows, maybe it'll become the next de_dust or not. That's part of the exciting moment of release. I'll certainly update this blog to let you know how it goes.

Anyway it's getting close to 2013. Perhaps my next blog post will be in another year :) Thanks for reading.
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