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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Portfolio Scene 06

What a month this has been. My PC went on the fritz over and over until Dell finally sorted it out by replacing the GFX, Motherboard and Harddrive. During each visit I must had reinstalled the service packs and installed my usual programs three times. Oh well, it's stable now and I am able to work on my scene again.

So here's an update since the last one. I've mainly been tweaking the lighting again. I like to watch videos on YouTube of games that contain art I admire. One of these is Assassin's Creed 2 which funny enough is the same game this scene is based on. Anyway I usually print screen a bunch of stills and use the colour picker to get a sense of the colours they used for creating mood. Quite often than not it doesn't always work so well but it gives me an insight into colour theory and helps me realise that my original settings aren't all that bad.

Nothing and I mean nothing seems to beat the colour settings I have for my sunlight. I've tried all manner of tones and shades but I always come back to this slightly orange colour. In the past the orange was too strong so this time I desaturated the brick textures by .6 which took away that effect.

I also tweaked AO yet again as Epic have finally included SSAO2 which is meant to be the be all of Ambient Occlusion. Sadly I thought it was too weak so I adjusted the settings slightly to give some of the pillars a shadow around their edges. Fog was also adjusted so that it was further away, allowing the buildings to stand out more. The skydome was rotated to make the view behind the buildings a little more interesting.

Finally I added a real-time vignette that comes with UDK and tweaked the material so that it wasn't so intense.

I plan to add a billboard outside, texture the remaining props, sort out the UV for the main wall on the right and I'll throw it out to the public for feedback. It's very common to stare at something or read something over and over and not see the problems so a fresh set of eyes is always the best way to improve your work.

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