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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Portfolio Scene Update Number Five

I need to be more consistant with my blog titles but whatever, here's some progress.

Although it might not seem like much I spent a lot of time watching video tutorials on creating nice looking materials. I also added in a load of new props that are not in this picture.

1. There's a ton of errors I left in this picture. The texture on the wall to the right is the old one and needs re-uving.

2. The pillars are using the new wall material but is missing the white concrete on the top. The texture scale is also inconsistant with the wall behind it.

3. The vent above isn't lightmapped properly which has caused weird shadows, same with the large wire on the floor. (They aren't textured).

I also updated the window glass so that the background is more refracted. Finally the curves on the wall to the right were an experiment which I'm replacing.

Anyway it looks so much better thanks to the material tutorials. Look forward to more updates in the future.

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