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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Portfolio Scene Update Number Five

I need to be more consistant with my blog titles but whatever, here's some progress.

Although it might not seem like much I spent a lot of time watching video tutorials on creating nice looking materials. I also added in a load of new props that are not in this picture.

1. There's a ton of errors I left in this picture. The texture on the wall to the right is the old one and needs re-uving.

2. The pillars are using the new wall material but is missing the white concrete on the top. The texture scale is also inconsistant with the wall behind it.

3. The vent above isn't lightmapped properly which has caused weird shadows, same with the large wire on the floor. (They aren't textured).

I also updated the window glass so that the background is more refracted. Finally the curves on the wall to the right were an experiment which I'm replacing.

Anyway it looks so much better thanks to the material tutorials. Look forward to more updates in the future.

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Portfolio Update 03 / 04

Tweaked lighting, added light ray models, placed some simple prop shapes such as the vent and fan. There is also a sofa and plant pot out of view. Overall I am pleased with the results so far.

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Friday, 1 October 2010

Portfolio Lighting

I wanted to draw attention to my lighting which I believe has taken up most of my time. It goes back to when I first used UDK and learnt about lightmass and a volumebrush entity.

In my first test I ignored the volume because it kept giving me extremely bright results but I knew I had to figure out why in this next piece because the massive space was causing my PC's memory to overload and quit.

As expected my second scene also rendered out super bright so I tweaked a lot of settings in the lights properties and realised that it was concentrating more within the volume rather than taking the outside world into account thus resulting in brighter renders.

So now that I've figured that out I've also noticed some of my very early tweaks have also made it quite orange. I have since changed this and constantly edit it whenever I place a new prop in.

I believe this is not the best way to do things and should leave lighting until the end. However back when I first started this piece I decided to keep the light angle and colour the same until I had most of the level fleshed out. This is because I wasn't sure whether the angle would light the level accordingly.

So while I believe lighting is an art and should be a phase near the end I still can't help but tweak it every now and then to inspire my vision. Looking at the pictures below really opened my eyes and worked well as a good motivation to continue. Maybe it was the music by "Fat Jon" or the fact it's raining and grey outside but seeing that skydome light up the distant buildings really spoke to me.

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