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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Future Scene Progress 01

(Too orange? It's great to compare new with old to see the actual changes.)

As promised here's a new update picture of my portfolio scene. I failed to mention last time that this is the hall that connects the main room and wasn't meant to be the focus of the scene but I am spontaneous and believe this will benefit me later when I work on the big room.

So today I tweaked the lighting as my memory was running low and I decided to learn how to use a "Lightmass Importance Volume" which tells the compiler where to focus its attention rather than doing the entire map. The reason why I didn't use it in the past was because it kept exporting extremely ugly results. I later discovered it was because the settings I was using were fine when it was rendering the whole space but they were too much when concentrated on a single area.

It was an easy fix and it looks a lot better. I also converted all of the wooden support beams to meshes as lightmass loves them and produces some very nice lightmaps.

Finally I delved back into experimenting with glass and learnt how to use a scenecubemaprenderer to capture the level around it and export a cubemap. Sadly it didn't show very well and actually made the glass look orange so I changed it to some sky blue cubemap for now. I quickly tried to import a custom skydome texture by a member of UDK called Remus but had trouble and will try properly tomorrow.

Oh and the windows haven't been touched yet. It's all temporary. Remember it's still very early as I'll be adding vents and continually tweaking settings.

Thanks for reading.

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