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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Survival Tips for Aspiring Game Students

I came across a featured article today by Michael Prinke who shares his experiences on how to get in the games industry. I found it very easy to read and it's a real motivation booster as it almost makes it seem like getting into the industry is simple as long as you follow his steps.

You can read it here: Link

I also switched to the dark side today and joined Twitter however someone took my username "Habboi" and hasn't even posted a single tweet. Therefore I've gone with my older name "Sir Habboi" which originated from a friend many years ago who asked that I called him a certain name I cannot remember in return for calling me "Sir". The name stuck for a few years but I eventually went back to the plain "Habboi" because I tend to get bored of the same thing after a while.

Speaking of which the name "Habboi" originally came from Habbo Hotel which is a popular 2D social flash website where you control an avatar and go around chatting to strangers and so forth. I was very young when I first joined, possibly thirteen, and I needed an alias to join the site. That is when my mother walked past and suggested the name Habboy but for some reason I suggested it with an "I" possibly because I was into Eminem back them.

So there you have it, the origin of my username. Not very exciting right?

Finally I want to share some pictures of the final wolf game that our team will be submitting tomorrow. Most of the content you will see belongs to me however credit goes to Matt "Crowbarska" Glanville for creating the height maps for the terrains and then developing the work I did on the tutorial level into something truly amazing. Credit also goes to the author of the bear model as I lacked time to make my own so I downloaded it for free and heavily modified it so that it had eyes and less polygons. I also fixed some weird smoothing groups caused by floating vertices by welding them together. Finally I posed the wolves in the Unity editor to make these photos and was heavily inspired by the new game Red Dead Redemption which had similar camera angles in some of their pictures.

(Note these pictures were taken in the Unity Editor therefore there is no anti-aliasing and textures are not as hi-res)

Big credit to the team members that helped develop this game.

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