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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Wolf Game Progression 01

It has been a while since I updated the blog but that is mainly because of the large amount of university work that I have to do. Another reason as you can see below is that Blogger decided to scrap FTP users which meant I had to learn how to make a cname. Fun stuff.

Anywho I wanted to share my development thoughts with you, my readers and reveal how I developed some art stuff for a university project I am working on. I've decided to do this because I read in a powerpoint presentation by Naughty Dog that you should always have a blog to share your development journals if you want to work in the games industry so here we go.

The wolf game is being developed by a large group of students and we chose to make a game where you play as a wolf and have to travel around Canada and stuff. I'm sure it'll play a lot better than it sounds.

So for many months now I've designed the visual style for the game and have recently been tasked with creating the interface. The general design had been chosen and all I have to do is make the sexy version in Photoshop so I thought I'd share my development thoughts below:

'Here is my progress for day one'

Now the design said that the health bar was either a beaded band or a dreamcatcher as the mood of the game takes ideas from tribal elements. I went with the dreamcatcher because I thought it would be more interesting to look at and the idea of how it displays health seemed more thought out to me than the beaded band.

So I first googled for dreamcatcher vectors and found this beauty straight away and the best part is that it was saved in a massive resolution which means I can edit it and compress it to keep it at a nice quality. For now I kept it as it is as I will need to cut it up so that the programmers can make the beads either desaturate over time or change colour to represent the health.

With the dreamcatcher in place I needed an eagle vector so with a quick google I was able to find a terrific website filled with free vectors already cut up for use in photoshop. Unfortunately it was at an angle and the head was titled so I cut it up and straightened the head and placed it in the corner. I altered some of the layer settings and gave it a very faint dark brown outline to create more depth in the middle.

The eagle is meant to indicate to the player which way to go (a compass) and I felt that it was too imposing on the screen so I gave it a 75% fade so that it doesn't take the players focus away from the main game but still allows him to look up with the corner of his eye real quickly.

I also decided that the same eye catching problem was happening with the dreamcatcher so I decided to fade that as well however I wanted to keep the beads at 100% so I started cutting them up last night and that is as far as I have got. Right now I'm busy with my dissertation so I am not sure when I'll work on it again although hopefully I can do some tonight.

I also want to draw attention to my website because a few weeks ago I started designing a portfolio website for my future in the games industry. Right now a friend is coding it for me, real slowly I might add but he is doing a terrific job. You can keep up with the progress here:


Alright well that is all I have to say for today. I hope to do more of these in the future and hopefully more in depth as well. 

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