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Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas from Habboi

It's 12:10 and I've just said Merry Christmas a bunch of times to friends on the Internet. I then randomly popped onto my blog and felt it needed something new so here it is!

Anyway I won't be opening the presents until 8:00 or later and since I ordered most of them myself it won't be much of a surprise this year.

Still I look forward to solving puzzles in Scribblenauts and driving a train in Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

Earlier today I worked on my university project because it is due on the 11th of January and I've got a fair amount to do such as modelling humans, a wolf, rigging, animating and programming it all to work together.

So I thought I'd get the house out of the way by tweaking it in 3DS Max, optimising it and UV mapping it. One day I'll look back and laugh at the crappy modelling I've done because it's not bad but it was poorly executed due to the way I made it.

I don't intend to work today as it's Christmas and everyone should enjoy the day. The best part for me is the food and I especially look forward to the turkey and stuffing.

Lastly I bought myself a late Christmas present on Screw Attack called AVGN Series 3 which if you don't know is a funny series about a nerd who reviews old games. I don't think I've laughed so hard watching his videos and I especially liked his "Plumbers don't wear ties" episode. Oh did I mention you can watch it all for free? Yeah but by buying the series you support him in the future. Besides AVGN he makes other videos on cinemassacre which are great time passers!

Alright, thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and for all you Brits out there, enjoy Doctor Who. (I know I will.)

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