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Friday, 20 March 2009

Monster Hunter 3 - Coming to Europe? Oh please!

I was on GameTrailers looking at trailers when I found myself clicking on related videos and found an old video of Monster Hunter 2 which never made it off the shores of Japan.

We, the fans, were all saddened by this and disappointed even more when the Monster Hunter 1 servers were shut down.

I had hoped this game would come to the UK ever since I saw the trailer back in 07 and it may just happen according to a bunch of news sites such as this:


I really hope it does come over here! Some of the best times I ever had as a gamer were spent in Monster Hunter 1.

It's an RPG type game where you hunt giant creatures with 3 others using giant swords, guns etc. Monster Hunter has a nice system in which you collect bones, skin and such from defeated creatures to make your equipment. Really good fun! I just hope the Wii controls are as good as the PS2 version because I used to be extremely good at controlling the giant sword with the analogue sticks :)


I have to share this fan made trailer of the original games that I loved:

It's old but I can't think of a better fan made trailer that this one. Music is from Ace Combat 5 - Unsung War. Credit goes to folga.

(Source Image: "http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/29/Monster_Hunter_3_(tri-).PNG" - Date Accessed - 20 March 2009)

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