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Thursday, 12 February 2009

I passed! Again!

It was results day today at UEL and I can safely say I passed all my modules with flying colours.

To sum up: I got 78 and 75 for my story writing tasks, 85 for my 3D scene and 90 for my interactive greetings card. Links below:

Interactive Card:

(Note that this version is slightly outdated in that there is a spelling mistake when you click mute.)

3D Scene set in the 1930's with the theme of Escape

I'm not going to post the story otherwise people would copy it and submit it as their own. Instead you will be able to play it someday when I get back to the horror level I based the story on.

(Source Image: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/
~cecebibby/personal/kitty.jpg - Date Accessed: 12 February 2009)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Said it already, but congrats, you really deserved those marks. Like I said, that bathroom is awesome - I particularly remembered the realistic reflections on the tiles and floor, and it's good to see your renders again=)

Thanks for your comments on my blog, I replied to your questions there. Btw, have you made any changes to your blog recently? Since yesterday it's been showing up kinda funky in Safari (Mac) and IE7 (Vista).

I went back to maybe reply to your Mass Effect post yesterday and somehow it had merged with a KOTOR one - literally sentences leading into another!lol Today your sidebar has vanished (in both browsers) and the content area is a bit off in Safari. Still looks fine in Firefox 3.0 though.

It's strange. Of course, there are differences between the way browsers handle websites, so I don't expect you to cater to everyone, but your site has always looked fine in Safari before, and i'm surprised about IE7, since it's IE6 that usually has problems. Oh well!

Some screenies:

Safari (Mac)

Firefox (Mac)

Liz won't give me a screenie from Vista (has something changed about Print Screen since XP?) but it looks similar to the Safari one (ie, no sidebar content)

12 February 2009 at 21:00  

Blogger Habboi said...

Bah, I can't cater every browser. Stick to Firefox like real men ;)

Thanks by the way.

12 February 2009 at 21:27  

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