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Friday, 18 July 2008

E3 - New Mirror's Edge Gameplay Footage

(This would make a great title screen)

A couple of days ago a new trailer was released on GameTrailers.com continuing on where the last trailer ended.

The visuals still remain amazing in my eyes with the variety of colours and the high resolution textures. I also love the fact we're playing as a female for a change because lately I have noticed game characters are all mostly men aka Assassin's Creed or Alone in the Dark...

It will be refreshing to hear Faith huffing and puffing rather than a big male who grunts and groans...(I am sure you get the picture)

All the moves shown so far look like a lot of fun! I especially love this sliding water scene because it looks fun to pull off and I love the water refracting as Faith slides down.

The combat is interesting although I still feel like there is more to show. It almost looks too easy to grab an enemy and steal their weapon and then knock them over with a few stylish moves. It also looks slow paced which may frustrate some players because the free running looks fast paced. I can't say until I've tried the game myself but that won't be until they release a demo or ask me personally to test it for them. (I would love too!)

In an interview with Nick Channon (Producer) he mentioned that you can complete the game without using any combat and stated it is even an achievement. I think the gun fights are going to be limited and it will instead concentrate more on the free running aspect.

The lighting and mood really pull me into this game. I think it is the lighting that makes the game look unique compared to most games this year.

This last bit interests me because you can clearly see a man in the helicopter is recording Faith's running as she jumps for the legs.

They could be allies helping her escape or they might be a news crew in this fictional world trying to get a new story.

Lastly the trailer uses a remix or perhaps a continuation of the song played in the first trailer. The song has attracted many fans to this game and many have searched for a download.

It's a confusing subject because I have read that this song was made after the trailer version and that EA asked the creators to remove the link on their site. Either way the song will most likely not be out until the game is...

But if you must know it's called Shine by Alcorus.

I look forward to more footage!


I just found this video showing some new gameplay and one of the levels seen in the trailers.



(Source of Trailer: GameTrailers.com and Source of Song: inferiuz - Date Accessed 18th July 2008)

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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Adam Foster Joins Valve


"Adam ‘Cargo Cult’ Foster, the delightful fellow behind what’s comfortably the finest singleplayer HL2 mod in the ‘verse, MINERVA: Metastasis, has snagged himself a job at Valve. Let there be much rejoicing."

Quite interesting to all us modders out there. Work hard and you could snag a job as well!

(Sources: RockPaperShotgun.com and http://www.fileshack.com/images/finclude/images/Metastasis-new-3.jpg - Date Accessed - 17th July 2008)
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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

E3 2008! What Games Will Be Revealed!?

It's that time of the year!

Another explosive E3 event and thankfully GameTrailers.com has teamed up with E3 once again to bring us the latest news and media from each day.

You can check out the trailers released so far at:


One game trailer that caught my eye was Chrono Trigger remade for the DS! I never got a chance to play the original so this makes me happy.

While looking up information on the DS remake, I found out that many years ago a team of people actually started to remake the game into 3D but unfortunately Square Enix threatened them legally and the development had to stop.

A shame because they did a brilliant job:

http://www.opcoder.com/projects/chrono/news/ - Old Website

I do wonder what E3 will reveal. I hope Hideo Kojima announces a ZOE 3 or new footage is shown of Monster Hunter for the Wii.

In other news, I was very pleased to have completed Donkey Kong Country on an emulator. I'm not sure if I completed it when I was younger because I think I may have cheated out of getting annoyed of constantly dying.

Finally today is the day I get my two new cats called Tia and Roxy. They're tabby cats but their main fur has a strange black and gold texture. I'll upload pictures sometime when they have adapted to their new home.

(Source Images: http://scrawlfx.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/electronicentertainmentexpo.png - E3 Logo - Date Accessed - 08 July 2008)

(Source Video: Cxtrife - Chrono Resurrection Trailer - Date Accesed - 08 July 2008)

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

I passed!

I received my university results today and I can safely say I passed with flying colours.

My only concern is a slight mistake where they seem to think I did not submit one of my pieces. I clearly have because the work is sitting in front of me with a signature and mark of 48.

I can only wait while this is resolved but apart from that...HOOZAH!

It's amazing how fast the year went...


They sorted out the problem. I had to take a journey to the Student Enquiries desk which took a lovely hour and a half via train as always. They photocopied my work and that was that.

Still...it was nice to see the university again despite the heavy showers.

(Source Image: http://www.saynotocrack.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/cat-saying-hooray.jpg)
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