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Monday, 17 November 2008

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

It's been a while now since the game was finally announced and all we have so far are a few in-game screenshots and lots of concept art.

I really enjoyed the last two KOTOR games mainly for the deep story, character relationships and the slightly satisfying RPG styled gameplay. The word "story" seems to be their catch as they said something along the lines of "an MMO has three points such as killing, gaining xp and levelling up" but they claim their MMO will have a fourth element which is "story."

Now don't get me wrong I am excited to hear they are focusing on the story however, every MMO I know has used "story" as their "attracting" word and all have failed to deliver a strong narrative that works with a large amount of players. Although I am glad to hear that they aren't going to have a "Collect 25 [items] to complete the quest."

So what side will I be you ask? Well if I think the game is going to be good then I'll defiantly be fighting for the good, friendly, SUPER HAPPY side. It's boring being evil because no one likes you and it's harder to survive and being good always seems to reward you more.

Still we have a long way to go before it'll be finished and I have my doubts...Making an MMO is difficult especially with a decent story that caters all the players.

Check here for media so far: http://www.swtor.com/

The art style is meant to be slightly "cartoony" and they said they are going to resize the lightsabers 'slightly' but they will still remain 'large'...I'm not liking that idea but we'll see.

I do hope it turns out good, I always love being a Jedi walking in brown robes and owning everything :D

(Source Image: http://cdn-www.swtor.com/sites/all/files/ca/CA_20081114_JediEnclave_full.jpg - Date Accessed - 17 November 2008)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"..I'll defiantly be fighting for the good, friendly, SUPER HAPPY side."

Oh now I just have to be SUPER EVIL!!

18 November 2008 at 17:57  

Blogger Habboi said...


18 November 2008 at 19:05  

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