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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Zimbabwe Money Troubles...

Hah I just came across this on a forum and I figured it was worth sharing. Christ imagine carrying that amount of cash around to go shopping.

What a waste of paper :O


(This amount is worth £50 roughly...)

In other news...

Only 3 days till Fallout 3 comes out, the first of four games I am waiting for. Americans already have it and have shared their views, surprisingly a lot are moaning that it sucks and the animations are clunky.

Well I don't know about you readers but I don't play a game to OOGLE at animations, I play games for the story, for the atmosphere and for the fun. And I have no doubt Fallout 3 will meet these standards.

Yes the fighting animations look a bit clunky but each game has a charm and I think the good points outweigh the bad.

I would have Little Big Planet by now but as per usual my silly country suffers because of a certain group of people. I'm not going to walk down that road, seeing as I walk in their terrirtory 3 days a week.

*Silenced by the Parents*

(Source of content: "http://humorland.wordmess.net/20081025/what-the-real-crisis-is-like/" - Date Accessed - 28 October 08)

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Winter Madness!

(Photoshop'd LAWL)

ARGH I hate it! I love Winter, the snow we rarely see and the cold...Well to a certain degree, not a fan of the hot sun either, just in-between :)

But the thing I hate the most about Winter is the large amount of exposure to the cold leads to illness.

That's right, the cold. As far as I'm aware everyone gets it because it spreads like wildfire. But then it's like Christmas comes as a way of saying sorry.

Christmas: "Here's your Christmas Jumper! Yay!"

This post came to me while I was in the shower and I suddenly *ahem* spit some mucus out to find it had blood in it. Yummy...But I swear I get this every year...There must be a way to avoid it @_@

In other news I have been watching Angry Video Game Nerd videos to pass the nights before uni. They can be so funny sometimes, especially this one:


To think, there were actual adult games, yes XXX games. Oh boy...Worth a watch! :D

I also found this video which I found funny:


Little Miss Gamer basically talks about the different types of male gamer boyfriends she supposedly dated. They are so true but I think she missed a few, I'm not hardcore or a pro gamer nor am I casual, I'm in between.

The Average Gamer if you will.

Lastly since Christmas is coming up, that means there are a lot of good games coming out and so far my list of top games to get are:

Little Big Planet

Fallout 3

Mirror's Edge (I was told it was delayed till January because they think it will stop piracy...Yeah because people will spend all their money in Christmas and then pirate it in Jan...)


Prince of Persia (HD Version)

Oh and Lastly Lastly I have to sadly say one of my cats, Tia, was put to sleep because she caught a virus called Feline Infectious Peritonitus. There's two versions, her version made her kidneys expand because they were filling up with protein or calcium or something...

I'm sad yeah even if we only had her for 3 months but I'm glad she died painlessly. I thought that when Little Big Planet comes out I'll dedicate a level to her by recreating her into a giant fire breathing cat that chases the players.

Yeah...I can imagine the top levels charts now ^_^

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