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Monday, 15 September 2008

International Talk Like a Pirate Day - Almost Here!

That's right! It's International Talk like a Pirate Day in just 3 more days. I started celebrating it 2 years ago when somehow I came across this site:


Seems all you gotta do it talk like a pirate all day and if you want you can dress up too! I usually just talk pirate on MSN and at home ;D

So me matey's while we be waiting for the special day I present thee with booooooty!



I received an email from a Chris Applegate who read my blog post and shared some interesting links that I thought others might enjoy...Below is what the email contains:

"Dear William,

My name's Chris, I'm from Outside Line, a digital agency in London and
after reading about your blog that you're a fan of Talk Like a Pirate
Day, I thought I'd get in touch about a little thing we've done for it.
One of our clients, Cravendale milk has featured a jolly pirate fellow
in their advertising for several years - so we couldn't resist putting
together a fun little thing for TLAPD for them called "Pirate Radio" -
you can play several pirate phrases off the soundboard, send friends
piratey audio messages of your choosing, or download an exclusive pirate
radio podcast.


There's also a "Pocket Pirate" iPhone app which plays appropriately
piratey phrases which Apple have approved in the nick of time for TLAPD,
and you can download from the iTunes store at:


So, check it out if you like and I hope you have fun with it! If on the
other hand you're not interested then sorry for taking up your time and
forgive the intrusion - I won't bother you again.


Chris Applegate
Outside Line"

http://www.habboi.co.uk/emailforme.jpg - IMAGE VERSION)

I was glad to receive the email Chris! I hope by posting this others will check out your work and enjoy it. Thanks again.

(Source Picture: http://flash.tuesdaytown.com/games/pics/limewire.jpg - Date used 15 September 2008)

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Anonymous Rogerrrr said...

Arrr, funny vid in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day...

TLPD - Pirate Wheel Of Fortune

18 September 2008 at 17:01  

Blogger Habboi said...

Well it's still too early. Only 3 more hours.

18 September 2008 at 20:08  

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