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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Akira Yamaoka's Beautiful Music

Have you ever played any of the Silent Hill games? Perhaps you were too scared. I know I was and laughed when my friend bought me the 'Collector's Edition' for my 18th Birthday. (I think it was my 18th)

But back to the topic...When you think of Silent Hill it brings up images of weird monsters and a scary atmosphere but when I remember the game series, I remember the part that sticks out the most and that's the soundtrack.

Me and my friend started playing Silent Hill 4 first together, we took turns doing parts or whenever we got too scared. I used that excuse a lot :D

That's when I first heard Akira Yamaoka's music pieces being played during the cut scenes. Most of the songs are actually very catchy and have an upright beat which makes the depressing game seem almost happy.

As I write this I'm listening to my favourite track called 'Nightmarish Waltz':

Go ahead and listen while drinking a cup of tea!

Really this blog entry is just a way to express my love for Akira Yamaoka's beautiful music and I felt it was worth mentioning and funny enough not everyone knows about Akira Yamaoka or that his music is in Silent Hill.

Despite Silent Hill being a really depressing game at times, you should still buy it and play it with a friend.

Then you can share Akira Yamaoka's essence with your friends...@_@

(Source Image: http://gaygamer.net/images/yamaokenfruitnastie.jpg - 11 September 2008)

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