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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Walk on your Website?

Is it possible? Why yes it is!


Today I found a fun website that let's you literally walk on your website or others.

Just go to the link above and type in a URL, install the plugin and voila.

For some reason there was a forcefield blocking me from going to the rest of my blog :S

Here's my Blog in 3D:

It does show what the future of surfing the net could be like...Imagine virtual reality like in Futurama :D

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Monday, 15 September 2008

International Talk Like a Pirate Day - Almost Here!

That's right! It's International Talk like a Pirate Day in just 3 more days. I started celebrating it 2 years ago when somehow I came across this site:


Seems all you gotta do it talk like a pirate all day and if you want you can dress up too! I usually just talk pirate on MSN and at home ;D

So me matey's while we be waiting for the special day I present thee with booooooty!



I received an email from a Chris Applegate who read my blog post and shared some interesting links that I thought others might enjoy...Below is what the email contains:

"Dear William,

My name's Chris, I'm from Outside Line, a digital agency in London and
after reading about your blog that you're a fan of Talk Like a Pirate
Day, I thought I'd get in touch about a little thing we've done for it.
One of our clients, Cravendale milk has featured a jolly pirate fellow
in their advertising for several years - so we couldn't resist putting
together a fun little thing for TLAPD for them called "Pirate Radio" -
you can play several pirate phrases off the soundboard, send friends
piratey audio messages of your choosing, or download an exclusive pirate
radio podcast.


There's also a "Pocket Pirate" iPhone app which plays appropriately
piratey phrases which Apple have approved in the nick of time for TLAPD,
and you can download from the iTunes store at:


So, check it out if you like and I hope you have fun with it! If on the
other hand you're not interested then sorry for taking up your time and
forgive the intrusion - I won't bother you again.


Chris Applegate
Outside Line"

http://www.habboi.co.uk/emailforme.jpg - IMAGE VERSION)

I was glad to receive the email Chris! I hope by posting this others will check out your work and enjoy it. Thanks again.

(Source Picture: http://flash.tuesdaytown.com/games/pics/limewire.jpg - Date used 15 September 2008)

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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Akira Yamaoka's Beautiful Music

Have you ever played any of the Silent Hill games? Perhaps you were too scared. I know I was and laughed when my friend bought me the 'Collector's Edition' for my 18th Birthday. (I think it was my 18th)

But back to the topic...When you think of Silent Hill it brings up images of weird monsters and a scary atmosphere but when I remember the game series, I remember the part that sticks out the most and that's the soundtrack.

Me and my friend started playing Silent Hill 4 first together, we took turns doing parts or whenever we got too scared. I used that excuse a lot :D

That's when I first heard Akira Yamaoka's music pieces being played during the cut scenes. Most of the songs are actually very catchy and have an upright beat which makes the depressing game seem almost happy.

As I write this I'm listening to my favourite track called 'Nightmarish Waltz':

Go ahead and listen while drinking a cup of tea!

Really this blog entry is just a way to express my love for Akira Yamaoka's beautiful music and I felt it was worth mentioning and funny enough not everyone knows about Akira Yamaoka or that his music is in Silent Hill.

Despite Silent Hill being a really depressing game at times, you should still buy it and play it with a friend.

Then you can share Akira Yamaoka's essence with your friends...@_@

(Source Image: http://gaygamer.net/images/yamaokenfruitnastie.jpg - 11 September 2008)

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Friday, 5 September 2008

Male Gamers Playing as Female Game Characters

I've been meaning to write about this for a while because while playing a mod called 'Killing Floor' for Unreal Tournament 2004 I decided to play as a female character for a change. Among all the other players I was the only female character.

I joined the only server that came up because the mod had obviously lost interest and half way through amongst all the French someone asked me why I was playing as a female character and then rudely remarked "it was kinda gay".

First of all what led this person to assume I was a guy playing as a female and second of all what makes it gay? I mean I am a male, yes but I guess he hasn't seen many females play games.

I didn't really say much to him because I just thought what a stupid thing to say. So I just asked what makes it gay and he never replied...

But this goes back to my topic...Is it wrong to play as a female character?

It started a while back when I installed Elder Scrolls Oblivion for the thirteenth time and decided for a change to play as a female. It certainly made the game different because of the fact the NPC's addressed me as ma'm or miss and the new sounds when I attacked were refreshing. Although my mother came in and watched me play for a while so I explained to her what it was about etc and when I switched to third person I recall her saying..."You're a girl? That's kinda weird." (Thanks mum)

So ever since I've been playing as female character because it's refreshing and because there aren't enough of them in games.

This is partly why I am looking forward to Mirror's Edge which follows the role of Faith, a female character.

I suppose this topic is kind of steering towards Feminism which is a topic I'm not too knowledgeable about. I even have a friend who has a female avatar in Guild Wars and I remember saying it was kind of weird (this was before I tried playing as a female character)...So perhaps before people say it's weird, they should try it themselves.

But yeah, is it geeky for a male player to select a female avatar or do you think it's perfectly fine? I'm interested in what you have to say if you're reading this.

*While surfing for a picture to post at the top I found this interesting topic which is similar to mine:


Do give it a read.

*I thought I'd add that just now I completed the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion using my female character and I realised how playing as a female helped me make decisions. For example I was pleased to see they added choices to the game and there is a point where you are forced to kill either the duke or the duchess. Playing as the female I chose to kill the duchess and take her role. Therefore if given the choice to be male or female, it does alter the experience from what I've seen. I could even replay it and see the different bits I missed not playing as a male for example...* (Yes I did install it the same day I completed it...It's short! only took like 5-6+ hours I think...)

(Content used: http://www.sexysprite.com/images/UUWOVAIBBMHK.jpg - 05 September 2008)

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