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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 Out Today! My Quick Thoughts...

I received MGS4 this morning and I've been playing it since 11am to 2pm and so far I am hugely impressed with the presentation and the quality of the game.

I am also a little shaky because I felt like I was really in the warzone!

I just did the part where you fight the FROGS (crazy women in suits with ninja jumping skills) and I'm about to approach Liquid...

Gameplay has been improved and I actually smiled when the intro music played because I had a feeling they'd use that particular song. It's a deep game and I have found it easy to follow so far!
If you have a PS3 then it is a must buy!

*Spoiler Theory*

When you meet the gun launderer he injects you with suppressor nano machines to let you use the ID guns. If I recall in a trailer Snake and the soldiers around him struggle to move etc and my bet is these new nano machines are also going to suppress Snake...

I'll find out after lunch :>


Yup I was right ^^


I just finished the game...19 hours and 30 mins :) Didn't rush it and I thoroughly enjoyed it! So many things revealed and an amazing ending! If you really want to know the main points of the game then look below:

*SPOILERS* (forgive me if I make error as there is a lot that I have forgotten or didn't fully understand)

1. As you know Snake is old now and we later find out that he is aging not because of FOXDIE but because of the way he was designed as a clone. His reproductive ability was removed and his age limited so that if he were captured by the enemy...He couldn't be used against the US.

2. We also find out that the FOXDIE in Snake mutated to survive in his ever so fast aging body and in doing so started to slowly lose its sense...In other words it was becoming a kind of virus and according to Naomi who created FOXDIE, the virus would become an epidemic therefore Snake has to die to stop the mutated FOXDIE from floating in the air and infecting the public.

3. It turns out that Liquid Ocelot was trying to destroy 'The Patriot's' who we find out are no longer human...The Patriot's were AI split into four networks controlling their own sections aka one controlled weapons, military vehicles etc.

4. In MGS2... Emma created the worm that destroyed Arsenal Gear's AI but it turns out the code only broke the contents into pieces. These pieces when put together formed one of the AI networks that controlled America...Liquid gained control of the network and planned to use it to control everything but before he could do that he needed to destroy the main Patriot AI which was in control of everything...SO in other words he needed to destroy the higher up so that the powers would be passed to him.

5. But in order to get control he needed Big Boss' corpse to access the system...The system being the thing that controls everything...

6. Along the way you meet Big Mama who turns out to be EVA from MGS3. She reveals that she is Snake's mother...Or rather his Surrogate mother who gave birth to Liquid and Solid. She managed to find Big Boss' corpse and you had to help her get it to safety however Liquid manages to get it and access the system. When he is surrounded by the military with nowhere to go...He makes his hand go in the shape of a gun and simply says bang as he points at the above helicopters. They turn off and crash...Next all the guns stop working and this is because Liquid has control of the weapons which are all ID tagged. Before all this EVA sadly gets stabbed by a sharp metal rod as she crashes off her bike with Snake on the back...This is almost the same way she almost died in MGS3 and is shown with flashbacks. In fact the whole game lets you see millisecond image flashes of the past with X when it comes up in the corner right of the screen.

7. EVA dies, Liquid escapes and Snake is burnt on the side of his face trying to rescue EVA who was trying to save the Big Boss corpse which Liquid threw in a fire because he no longer needed it. The corpse by the way was alive...Big Boss was kept alive but he was brain dead and had no flesh...

8. My chronological order is bad but before all this EVA tells you that The Patriot's was formed by a man named Zero and the members that joined were Para-Medic, Sergate, EVA, Ocelot, Big Boss. Zero needed an icon so he used Big Boss as the figure head. But as time went by Zero and Big Boss grew apart and Big Boss left and formed his only little militia...Zero who was angered by this, captured him and had him kept alive...brain dead but alive...

9. As for the 4 deadly beasts seen in the old trailers...They were all beautiful women scarred by war...The octopus lived in a town where she was forced by soldiers to torture and kill her family and laugh at the same time...That is why she laughs because of the guilt...After you defeat her she comes out of her suit and her body is all slimy however it forms into a similar texture to Snake's camo...Anyway after leaving her suit she acts kind of crazy and slowly walks toward Snake...You are forced to shoot her and back away...I don't know what happens if they get you but Konami sure made it creepy...Like a possessed woman trying to kill you...In the end you free her and the same goes for the others...Raven...I can't remember her story but Wolf cried all the time because she escaped a bunch of soldiers as a kid with her little brother...But her brother started crying and he was going to give away their hiding place so she held tightly on his mouth to stop the noise and after the soldiers left she realised she suffocated him. That is why she cries. You fight her at Shadow Moses which has been left untouched for 9 years because all those that knew about it were arrested or killed. As for the last one...Psycho Mantis...That was a good fight because if you try to do the switch controller ports trick, Octacon makes a joke about it etc...But you end up freeing her and finding out that even she was a puppet to the 'real' Psycho Mantis from MGS1. His spirit tries to read your memory card but again it is a joke as the PS3 doesn't have any. Then he tries to make your controller move but it doesn't have rumble :)

10. Raiden has gone all ninja on us and left Rosemary from MGS2. He saves snake many times and almost dies about 3 times @_@ It turns out he is almost completely a machine...His blood was replaced with an old military 'White Blood' to make him better at combat I think...Rosemary ended up marrying Campbell who is twice her age but right at the end we find out that he only married her to protect her and her 'son' from The Patriot's. Her son is Raiden's son and simply put they get back together and I can only assume they live a happy life as a family.

11. Vamp returned and did damage to Raiden in that battle we saw in the trailers...Later on we find out he isn't immortal but he has Nanomachines which increase his healing ability. Naomi feels guilty, calls him her sin. Snake fights him and injects him with suppressor nano's to make him mortal and basically Raiden kills him. THEN Naomi reveals she shouldn't even be alive because she has cancer...The Nanomachines inside her kept it at bay but she decided to let it kill her and ended her life in front of a sad Octacon who loved her.

12. Sunny, Olga's daughter was taken by The patriot's when she was born but she was rescued by Raiden thanks to EVA. She then spends her whole life on Octacon's plane in front of the computer and is a child genius. Before Naomi died...She gave Sunny a code she wrote that would infect a part of the Patriot system however it wasn't finished so Sunny used part of Emma's code to finish it. It later turns out that the virus was made to destroy ALL of the Patriot system. The code was changed by Sunny so that it destroyed the Patriots but the economic system remained intact. Octacon thinks this was Sunny’s way of getting revenge for Olga.

13. Also in the game you meet Drebin who says his real name is Drebin 983. He is a weapons launderer who helps you out when you needed weapons. He injected Nano machines in Snake to bypass the ID guns however the Nano machines were also spying on Snake. It is later revealed that Drebin was working for The Patriot's and he was ordered to help Snake and his gang stop Liquid from destroying the Patriot system. However the system never thought Snake would end up destroying them... Drebin also reveals that Rat Patrol Team Alpha 01 aka Meryl and her gang unknowingly were following The Patriot's orders because if you mix the Rat Patrol 01 around you get Patr1ot...

14. Meryl ends up marrying Johnny...the guy who has diarrhoea problems in the trailer and forgives her father, Campbell for all that he did in the past.

15. Anyway at the end you wake up on top of the sub that you infiltrated earlier with Liquid by your side. You end up duelling and each time you win a round the health bar switched from the old MGS1 bar to the second and to the third...Each time a theme song from each game played...This fight was exactly the same from MGS1 when you fight Liquid with QCQ however they made it really cool with a beautiful view of a sunset and killer moves that were just awesome!!! Oh also before this you escape Shadow Moses island in Metal Gear Rex and end up fighting Ocelot who is in Ray. It was pretty cool!

Oh I forgot but at the end of each Beast fight you got an item from them. From Octo you got a mask which made you even more camouflaged, Raven gave you a grenade launcher, Wolf gave you a rail gun and Psycho gives you her two dolls which let you control enemies with Nano machines inside them.

16. At the end you kill Liquid, destroy the system and free mankind but 10% suffer from withdrawal symptoms...Kind of like shell shock. So yeah Raiden is made kind of more human again, Meryl gets married and Snake approaches The Boss' grave.

17. He has one last smoke and puts a gun in his mouth...The camera flies off screen and we hear a bang. Later on after the credits it states a voice actor who we haven't heard yet...Big Boss...Suddenly a scene plays and we see Snake is not dead, Big Boss approaches him...He shouldn't be alive but the Patriot's kept him alive but in a kind of coma. The corpse that Liquid used to gain access to the system was in fact a clone...a perfect clone...Solidus from MGS2.

18. After a lengthy chat Big Boss reveals Zero who is old and in a wheel chair. It turns out that he created the AI that would continue running The patriot's because he didn't trust the future generation after what Big Boss did to him. Anyway the system ended up evolving and used War Economy to keep the world running. Zero doesn't realise he created a system that caused so much misery because he is old and is hooked up to a machine. Big Boss points out that a Zero becomes a one and then a one hundred...The cycle repeats itself so Big Boss cuts off his life support and Zero dies. A flashback reveals that Zero was the man Big Boss shook hands with in MGS3 at the end.

19. This part I don't fully understand but Big Boss then breaks into a sweat and says the damn Patriot's did this...I think Snake's FOXDIE started killing Big Boss because they were near each other...After a lengthy speech with Snake he tells Snake that the new FOXDIE that mutated is destroying the old FOXDIE therefore Snake doesn't have to die however he will still age rapidly because that is the way he was created.

20. Big Boss dies in front of The Boss' grave stone and ends with "Isn't this nice..." with a silent snake staring. Big Boss realises what his teacher, The Boss was all about...He understood her and left this world happily.

21. After more credits the logo appears...Octacon talks to Snake and basically Snake decides to live the remainder of his life peacefully and Octacon decides to be his witness so that he can spread the story of Solid Snake...Octacon gets the last say and it ends there.

I think I've said the main points...There is so much more and it really is worth playing! I think I'll play it again with a friend so that they can enjoy the story!

(Source Image: http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/9321/mgs40an.jpg)

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