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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Summer Holidays! And A Farewell...

For me, today, was my last day at university this year as I break up for a long summer break!

What will I be doing? Well I plan to learn 3DS Max some more, work on my mod for HL2, write more blog entries, play MGS4, DBZ: Burst Limit, GTA 4 etc and generally have a good time!

Next week I'll be free to record more EP2 and Portal videos so expect plenty then! Oh I'll also upload my Games Coursework 'game' for those who want to try and beat my score of 26 ^^ It's a fun yet simple game where you move a spider across the top of the screen and click to abseil down catching good bugs and avoiding the bad bugs.

And to add to this post I must say a farewell to Maria Love who left UEL (University of East London) for a sexier games course. My friends and I gave her a 'Good Luck' card, a Game Voucher and a Tomb Raider figurine (Because she never stopped going on about it :)...)

Have fun Maria!

Here is her selection of blogs for those who are interested:


Have a good summer everyone!

(Sources: Summer Picture: http://photosbypaulm.blogspot.com/2006/07/summer-sunflower.html)
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