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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Portal and HL2: EP2 Play-Through Videos

Last year I recorded Episode 1 which was my first attempt at recording, editing and uploading on Youtube. After getting a new PC I thought that it was not able to record the sound but it would seem that the latest version of FRAPS creates or finds a new sound driver called Vista.

So I can now record again! I will be starting with Portal and then moving on to HL2: EP2.

Although there are many uploaded play-throughs already I try to put the viewer in mind while playing by turning slowly and focusing on important things.

I am glad I can record again and I hope you enjoy watching! I will upload HD versions on a hosting site sometime...(I will not upload them onto Habboi.co.uk because my bandwidth would get sucked dry)

Lastly it would seem I have to use FRAPS because Source Recorder is glitchy when walking through Portals...

So my apologies for the lower GFX and tiny lag...

P.S After trying out the HD hack I found hardly anyone had the speeds to watch them without pausing every five seconds...So I will be using normal uploading and again HD will be available to download.

Here is the link: Youtube - Habboi

(Sources: http://half-life2.nothrem.cz/ - Half Life 2 EP 2 Logo and http://www.wiiwii.tv/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/portal_logo_lg.jpg - Portal Logo)
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Blogger Agustin said...

This is a nice storyline website to help you in your videos of halflife
I love halflife and if you have any doubts just let me know
Thanks to you i will buy Portal and i cant wait to see your videos of Episode 2
I already played, but it is better in youtube(Hint:the trailer at the end of episode 1 is all wrong)

8 May 2008 at 00:20  

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