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Friday, 23 May 2008

Spencer The Spinnin' Spider

A few posts down I mentioned I would upload my games coursework. We had to make a simple 2D game with Macromedia (Adobe) Director MX 2004 using Lingo programming code.

This was my first time using Director as well as writing out the Lingo code therefore don't expect anything professional. My friends said they enjoyed playing it and as my friend Dan stated:

"If you can beat your own game then it must be a very good game idea!!..."

Indeed I found myself playing the game when I should have finished fixing the bugs ^_^

I just tried publishing it as a Flash file but it looks buggy therefore I am uploading the .exe version which was published using Director. (Don't worry it's safe!)



Feel free to comment and tell me what you think for my first try! Also you have my permission to use the code if you 'happen' to decompile it...Just learn, don't copy...yeah!!


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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A Summer Update

(Team Fortress 2: Pictures Taken In-Game by Habboi)

*It seems Blogger is having problems uploading for everyone therefore some pictures in this blog will not display. I apologize!*

An update on my summer holidays:
  • I have been trying to get all of the Team Fortress 2 achievements: Link

  • A friend wants to design another level with me and we came up with the idea of having a steam train which travels across a desert. The players have to capture each train cart.

  • I am still recording Half Life 2: Episode Two and uploading them to YouTube: Link

  • I am eagerly waiting for Metal Gear Solid 4 and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit for the PlayStation 3!!! (Even though PS3 sucks I can't miss MGS4)

  • I am excited after seeing the new Left 4 Dead game footage! It looks much better and should be lots of fun :D

  • Lastly I will write up that Assassins Creed Review sometime! I promise!
(Sources: Valve: Team Fortress 2: http://steampowered.com/v/index.php?area=app&AppId=440&cc=GB)

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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Youtube High Quality

Lately I've been spending my time figuring out what the best settings were to get a nice high quality upload. I orignally used Windows Movie Maker but later moved to Sony Vegas because it was more professional.

Little did I know that Windows Movie Maker seems to work well with Youtube. By dragging an AVI into WMM and rendering it as 'Best Quality for Playback on PC', Youtube later adds the option to watch it in High Quality.

I found this out when I noticed my older videos had that option and my newer ones which were made with Vegas did not.

So there you have it! Sure make your videos in Vegas but render as a High Quality AVI, import into WMM and render as a WMV. Technically it'll render the video in 760x something else...I think Youtube recognises that as a High Quality size. After a few hours the video will get the 'Watch in High Quality' button under views so be patient!

Hope this helps others because I can now upload better quality Portal and EP2 vids! People have already noticed and commented!
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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Summer Holidays! And A Farewell...

For me, today, was my last day at university this year as I break up for a long summer break!

What will I be doing? Well I plan to learn 3DS Max some more, work on my mod for HL2, write more blog entries, play MGS4, DBZ: Burst Limit, GTA 4 etc and generally have a good time!

Next week I'll be free to record more EP2 and Portal videos so expect plenty then! Oh I'll also upload my Games Coursework 'game' for those who want to try and beat my score of 26 ^^ It's a fun yet simple game where you move a spider across the top of the screen and click to abseil down catching good bugs and avoiding the bad bugs.

And to add to this post I must say a farewell to Maria Love who left UEL (University of East London) for a sexier games course. My friends and I gave her a 'Good Luck' card, a Game Voucher and a Tomb Raider figurine (Because she never stopped going on about it :)...)

Have fun Maria!

Here is her selection of blogs for those who are interested:


Have a good summer everyone!

(Sources: Summer Picture: http://photosbypaulm.blogspot.com/2006/07/summer-sunflower.html)
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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

EA Presents Us With Mirror's Edge

Today EA revealed a new teaser trailer at the Sony PlayStation Day in London for a game titled Mirror's Edge made by Dice which sports 1st person Parkour mixed with gun fights.

The visuals are amazing mainly because they use vivid colours to make the scenery stand out. For those who question if it is in-game then you must think about it...The buildings obviously don't have insides which leaves plenty of poly's for the outside.

To watch the trailer go here:

LD: Link

HD: Link

I will keep my eye on this. I honestly hope it is made for the PC!

(I just hope the breathing isn't constant. I used a theory in my games coursework that stated the balance between realism and abstract. Although it is realistic I think it should be used sparingly.)

Look Ma! I can see my legs!


My friend pointed out that it looked like a cutscene and now that I think about it the line "All Footage is In-Game" could just mean all of it is being rendered real time in their engine.

Therefore what we are watching might not be gameplay as such but a script...Either way if they get it similar to this footage then I'll be happy!

(The bright colours make my blog look dull!)

(Sources: kotaku.com and gametrailers.com)
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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Portal and HL2: EP2 Play-Through Videos

Last year I recorded Episode 1 which was my first attempt at recording, editing and uploading on Youtube. After getting a new PC I thought that it was not able to record the sound but it would seem that the latest version of FRAPS creates or finds a new sound driver called Vista.

So I can now record again! I will be starting with Portal and then moving on to HL2: EP2.

Although there are many uploaded play-throughs already I try to put the viewer in mind while playing by turning slowly and focusing on important things.

I am glad I can record again and I hope you enjoy watching! I will upload HD versions on a hosting site sometime...(I will not upload them onto Habboi.co.uk because my bandwidth would get sucked dry)

Lastly it would seem I have to use FRAPS because Source Recorder is glitchy when walking through Portals...

So my apologies for the lower GFX and tiny lag...

P.S After trying out the HD hack I found hardly anyone had the speeds to watch them without pausing every five seconds...So I will be using normal uploading and again HD will be available to download.

Here is the link: Youtube - Habboi

(Sources: http://half-life2.nothrem.cz/ - Half Life 2 EP 2 Logo and http://www.wiiwii.tv/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/portal_logo_lg.jpg - Portal Logo)
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